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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Social Media and The Vatican - Pope John Paul II

Recently the Vatican announced they've launched social media pages for Pope John Paul II as a way for the world to connect with the Roman Catholic Church's message.

The sites launched are Facebook and YouTube. Here you can see and connect with the world about Pope John Paul II. The Vatican launched the pages in preparation for the beatification of Pope John Paul, which is the last step before sainthood, which is set for May 1st.

In a world of instant communication and no communication among the youth. It's a positive step for the church to connect with the world and youth through social media. My theory on social media is to compare it to being in a room while people are talking, if you're not in the room, no one will know what you've said, saying or want to say. Its always to be better in the room and send the right messaging, whether it be a brand or person.

To learn more about the social media pages launched by the Vatican read this article here:

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Watch The Pope Conduct Midnight Mass Live From The Vatican Christmas Eve.

Watch the Pope Conduct Live Mass from The Vatican 12/24/09 at 10:00 pm.

Friday, October 2, 2009

An Italian American PhotoAlbum..

Here are a few pictures from our very own family archive:
1. Rome--1963 My mother and father on their honeymoon.
2. Reggio Calabria--1950s- My mother as a child with my nonno.
3. Rome--1950s--Pope's Mass in the square.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Pope Is Set To Launch A YouTube Channel.

Who said the Catholic church wasn't hip and up to date with modern day social media tools? Well, brace yourselves, the Pope is set to launch his own channel this year, with videos featuring of course the Pope and content produced by the Vatican. The goal is to open up interaction among the YouTube audience. I say, broadcast away, a little Pope TV programming might a good thing for those in search of faith, and or hope. Its about time the Catholic church got on board with modern times. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midnight Mass 2008 From St. Peter's Basilica--Rome, Italy

Its Christmas Eve, and in preparing for the holiday, we will watch along with millions from around the world the midnight mass from Rome, given by the Pope. The mass is most definitely one of the most beautiful and spiritual masses given. The magnitude of the Catholic church and its followers from around the world are seen in Rome tonight. Its pretty amazing, be sure to watch. This year we really need to pray for the world and each other. The broadcast times vary so, check your local listings today. Buon Natale a tutti.

St. Peter's Basilica

Friday, December 12, 2008

Is The Media Playing A Major Role In The Collapse of A World Financial Crisis?

This is a debatable topic. I feel like my answer would be, yes. There is no denying the facts of the global financial crisis because the effects are being felt worldwide and especially here in the United States. I think it's one thing to be informed and watch the news networks, but is our constant need for information poisoning our economic choices? What's to say a stock holder sees a report on one of the money reporting networks and happens to see a forecast of negative news about their particular holdings. Whats to say this information is right? Or is it hear say just to create mild panic and catch your attention for a minute during sweeps? What does the investor do? They dump, sell ..whatever the term is...bottom line, if major investors pull out, they break down the stability of the stock system, which then breaks down the stability of the economy --when this happens in masses. (which it has) Kind of reminds me a little of the movie, "Wall Street." We all know its just not the stock market, but everything else in the economy being reported on, whose giving you the right information without panicked headlines and full of ratings BS? Remember television is a business too, they're just trying to survive. If you like panic stricken headlines then they will give you panic. So, is the media creating false panic and a negative economic ripple effect on a global scale?

By the way, all of this matters to me regardless of my age or background. In fact, this should matter to everyone of my age group and background. Its our future, not the corrupt jackasses selling Senate seats like tickets for a Yankee Stadium seat. Ugh.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Pope Is Praying For The Jobless & Less Fortunate.

Its nice to know the Pope has gathered millions in Rome to conduct a prayer for all those jobless and less fortunate. He urges the world in this global financial crisis to show more solidarity and to help those less fortunate. I love that our Pope can incorporate real issues into the Catholic church, realizing that the financial crisis requires more than money but kindness to everyone. I think this is a great Christmas lesson. If you're unemployed, at least you know the Pope has your back.

Read more here:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Pope Supports and Pledges To Pray For & Help President Elect Obama.

Rome-- Pope Benedict XVI, said today in a congratulatory telegram to Obama that he would help support and pray for President Obama's great responsibilities ahead for America and the international scene. He called, the presidential win a 'historic occasion,' and continued to pledge his support.