Friday, October 2, 2009

An Italian American PhotoAlbum..

Here are a few pictures from our very own family archive:
1. Rome--1963 My mother and father on their honeymoon.
2. Reggio Calabria--1950s- My mother as a child with my nonno.
3. Rome--1950s--Pope's Mass in the square.



What great pictures of your personal past... Thanks for sharing them... I like following your tweets too... :)

Margaret said...

Hi Chrissandra,
Thank you so much and I'm happy you follow me on Twitter as well! Thanks for the support. :)


Steven Partington said...

These are great(!)...especially seeing what St. Peter's Square looked like when I was -1 year old, compared to how it was when we were there last year.

I too enjoy your tweets (particularly the one on the BA fare sale that prompted us to go ahead with the plans for a trip to IT this fall :-). Will be tweeting from Le Marche end of this month.


Margaret said...

Hi Steven,

Glad you enjoyed them, I'm trying to get more from my mother. They are sealed under lock and key. The pictures are amazing in the sense of comparison. I'm glad you enjoy the tweets and got a great scoop on the airfare. Have a great time in Italy..keep us posted.