Saturday, May 9, 2009

Italian Mothers.

What is it about Italian mothers and their need to nurture, love, micro-manage, cook, clean, work, and keep everyone happy? My mother is 100% Italian, off the what ever characteristics we Italian-Americans talk about when it comes to our Italian mothers, I magnify it by a 100X's. My mother is an absolute force to reckon with, she's strong, smart, incredibly willful, savvy and sometimes funny. (maybe more than sometimes.)

You know, when you hear the stories of sons and daughters talking about their Italian mothers, mother-in-laws, its really quite true about their presence and will. Italian women are strong and always get what they want, so take an Italian woman and add children to the recipe and you have one protective, strong willed woman. Italian mothers have a way of giving love and making you feel like you're the most important thing in the world.

I'm not sure about other cultures, I guess a mother loves unconditionally, but there is something to be said about Italian mothers and their ways. My mother is loving, but can throw on the ever so traditional Italian mother guilt like no other. I know when she asks me for something, it really means something else. No one can understand the indirectness of a question better than a son or daughter of an Italian mother. Compliments come and go, because one day your the "bella mia," and the next day your "scema." Its just the way it is, which is funny. I mean, its one can give and take greatness better than an Italian mother. Sundays are usually my days with my family and I see all the things my mother does so effortlessly, it always make me wish I can be just as cool as her. Don't get me wrong my mother and I butt heads often, but according to my siblings and father, its because we are very alike. I don't see it, but OK, whatever. --I can only imagine myself at my mother's age, what will I be like? Just like her? The thought. I need a glass of wine to do that. Anyway, where would we be without our overbearing, micro-managing, loving, guilt giving, strong-willed Italian mothers? My guess is, no where. She's my rock, and she doesn't even know it!
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