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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New You, Finally Happy 2009! Watch Oprah This Week!

A small note this morning to wish you all a Happy New Year Day. I am particularly happy to be moving onto 2009. With each new year, gives us a new chance to start over. Start over and work on positive things like your health, career and overall well being. Being healthy is probably the most important, without your health there is basically nothing.

Next week, I will be tuning into Oprah when she starts her "BEST LIFE," series. It includes, health, money, happiness and yes even your sex life. These elements are the essential ingredients in leading a good life. Some things you will see and hear being discussed are types of food and ways to cook that can help you keep a healthy diet. If you have all your ducks lined up, life becomes better and your attitude miraculously changes. You know, take it from the Italians, they make it priority to eat right, live well and do in essence out live many other cultures disease free.

If you have time and can watch the Oprah show starting January 5th, then you will be doing yourself a favor. Its great to have positive reinforcement when it comes to our lives. Unfortunately, we get sucked into the negative vortex of the media brainwashing of a bad economy, disease, pharmacy pill commercials and all kinds of medical replacements. As Americans if we were just educated on being healthy then maybe we wouldn't be so far gone in bad health. I wish you all the best this year and especially a healthy lifestyle. Tune in to Oprah, give it a chance, remember here's your new chance...its never too late to start.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Red Wine Can Help You Live Longer.

Yes, as we all know the Italian diet and all its parts like red wine are definitely good for you. But ever since that Oprah show where they talked about Sardinia, Italy being a blue zone and how people lived longer and healthier..everyone is on the quest to find out why and how they can get a piece of it.

As Americans we are definitely unaware of how unhealthy are food and it sources are, when you shop in the grocery store you think that when you buy low fat, fat free, only 100 calories, that this is the idea of healthy. We are under a great misunderstanding. Preservatives, fake food this is what we are consuming. Its a combination of our diet, lifestyle and food sources that contribute to our unhealthy American diet.

So, getting back to living longer..yes, Italians are on the right track when it comes to fresh food and wine. The type of wine you drink is also an important determining factor on contributing to your overall health. I think talking about eating healthy is an important subject and I will post more on the topic as I go, but for is a continuation of the information on RED WINE and its benefits.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oprah & Dr. Oz Talk About Sardinia, Italy As A Blue Zone.

On today's Oprah show, she and Dr. Oz along with author, Dan Buetter of "The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest" talked about blue zones, which included Sardinia, Italy. (doesn't surprise me) In his research he discovered areas called blue zones, where people live the longest, healthiest and happiest. Dan and Dr. Oz visited a few local people in Sardinia to learn their secrets on longevity and health.

Turns out their diet, lifestyle and overall happiness contribute to their success as healthy people. Their consumption of natural organics such as goat milk, plant based meals and wine were the important food contributions to their daily diets. Now, if you're like me you find this type of information extremely fascinating and want to know more. I guess I know the basics of eating healthy because that's what the Southern Italian diet is made of and pretty much how I grew up eating. Today, I posted an article about the Mediterranean diet, so this really coincides with that same idea. Please go to Oprah's site for clips from today's show and further links to books and information.