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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Best Italian American Christmas Food Scenes

Happy New Year! Buon Anno everyone!  Here are a few Italian American food scenes I captured over the last week, check out my Instagram account too for some daily food pics of dinners, food and scenes.   What did you make this past holiday, what traditional dishes are you still making and keeping alive for your family traditions? 

Baileys Irish Creme Holiday Cordial
Baileys Irish Cream Cordial - My favorite cordial is a great Irish creme, we spread the love of our international Irish friends. 

Arugual Pizza
Arugula Pizza with Truffle Oil from Porta Pizza in Asbury Park, N.J. 

Pesto (basil leaves with garlic, olive oil blended in my mini) then sautéed over a low flame with #glutenfree pasta and stuffed #mushrooms with #glutenfree bread crumbs, garlic, and salt with olive oil drizzled and then cooked in the air fryer till crispy. 🍄 🍝 🌿 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Italian American Christmas, Food, Family and Love

Merry Christmas to all my Italian American Girl readers, hope you all had an amazing holiday and I'm looking forward to a prosperous and healthy New Year.  This year for Christmas, as we always do my mother and sister baked and cooked some our favorite dishes. I posted a lot of our cookies and traditional cookies on my Facebook page here -- Italian American Girl  My sister is becoming quite the baker with her cookies, which resemble those of my mother's.  My mother fried her traditional zeppole, which obviously are a staple every year.  With each passing year, I get more and more sentimental about the traditions and maintaining the recipes and 'ways' that my mother always did.  Thank God, my sister is the skilled one when it comes to cooking and baking, but for me it's about the company, serving the food and always the right coffee.   This year, we had all of our get togethers, accompanied by Lavazza coffee.  Usually, we have espresso, since they've come out with their new drip coffees, I'm able to offer cafe Americano to my friends as well, who are not so versed in espresso.  There is nothing like the aroma and consistency of this coffee.   If you want to venture into a new coffee for the New Year, I highly recommend.  You can shop Lavazza here  

**This post was sponsored by Lavazza**