Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Red Wine Can Help You Live Longer.

Yes, as we all know the Italian diet and all its parts like red wine are definitely good for you. But ever since that Oprah show where they talked about Sardinia, Italy being a blue zone and how people lived longer and healthier..everyone is on the quest to find out why and how they can get a piece of it.

As Americans we are definitely unaware of how unhealthy are food and it sources are, when you shop in the grocery store you think that when you buy low fat, fat free, only 100 calories, that this is the idea of healthy. We are under a great misunderstanding. Preservatives, fake food this is what we are consuming. Its a combination of our diet, lifestyle and food sources that contribute to our unhealthy American diet.

So, getting back to living longer..yes, Italians are on the right track when it comes to fresh food and wine. The type of wine you drink is also an important determining factor on contributing to your overall health. I think talking about eating healthy is an important subject and I will post more on the topic as I go, but for is a continuation of the information on RED WINE and its benefits.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on scientific studies to tell us if grape juice confers the same health benefits as red wine. For people who don't want the alcohol.

Several studies show longer lifespans and less cardiovascular disease in people who consume any of the popular forms of alcohol, such as beer, vodka, whiskey, or wine. The polyphenols in red wine may be particularly and additionally healthsome.


Italian American Girl said...

Hi Dr. Parker,

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