Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Knew Rocco DiSpirito Could Shake His Bon-Bon So Well Last Night on Dancing With The Stars.???

So, many of my close friends know not to bother me on nights when Dancing with Stars is on. This is my all time favorite show. I don't know if its because its celebrities and dancing or just the dancing. I love ballroom, its just so amazing. Anyway, so new season and a new cast, which includes celebrity chef, and fellow Italian-American, Rocco DiSpirito.

Ok, so if any of you watch television you know Rocco has a few of his own shows now and in the past on Food Network, A&E and a few celebrity judge episodes on Top Chef. My favorite was when he had the reality show, "The Restaurant," which also featured his mother, who was also on the show last night seated in the audience. The previous night on DWS, he bombed big time and the judges thought he wasn't going to improve.

So, last night here comes Rocco with his ever so gorgeous and talented dance partner, Karina S. They do a cha-cha or mambo..I forget which either way..its Latin, hot, fast and Rocco DiSpirito really shook his assets. I have to say, I was impressed with his takeover on the dance and his booty abilities of shaking it. I mean cutting vegetables and shaking your ass are really similar..right? LOL. Well, just in case you didn't know our fellow Italian-American was on the show, now you know. Watch Rocco shake it to the finale or not...on ABC-Mondays.

Watch the clip here:

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