Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MTV's - 'The Hills' Star, Lauren Conrad Compares Italy to A Construction Site.

Ok, so am I the only person of Italian-American descent who picked up on LC's stupid comment about Italian men when asked how her trip to Italy was? She says to Audrina and Lo, that being in Italy was like being on a construction site. Basically the men do nothing but holler, taunt, and whistle at you like you are on a construction site.

Ok, first of all the fact that Italian men do have a tendency to be vocal when a woman walks by might be true, but to compare it to a construction site or say Italy is like being on a construction site is just stupid. You know how many people you are going to offend by this comment?

I will tell you, I worked in NYC and walked by many non-construction sites and have had men do the same thing and GEE I didn't compare it to a construction site. Actually I've been in Italy and NYC where that has happened, never did I compare it to a construction site. I just thought its guys being guys (doesnt matter if its NYC or ROME).

To be honest with you in NYC, there are tons of construction sites that I walk by and rarely are the guys fitting the stereotype of whistling and hooting. Sounds to me like LC has watched too many episodes of Sex and City where Miranda confronts the construction guy about his daily comments. Again, the typical stereotype.

Actually if I was a construction worker I would be offended. Let's remember its television, not real. Again the separation from fact to fiction is present. But then again, "The Hills" is supposed to be reality but when in actuality its totally scripted. Coming from my opinion and being in the industry..this is my guess. Yes, scripted and super edited. Hmm..which leads me to my next question, "did someone-- perhaps a producer write that line for her....?" Anything is possible.

LC should stay in California and not paint distorted pictures of Italy on the airwaves. Yes, I am a fan of "The Hills," but that just pissed me off. Too much money, a sheltered life, no tolerance for the world..see what happens..your views become narrow.

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