Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is there a Miracle Ingredient That Can Prevent Skin Cancer?

Do you ever wonder why Italian women have such amazing skin and tone. Their faces are like porcelain. The skin regiment in most European countries is a number one task for many women. In Europe there is a huge amount of availability on skin care products that protect against harmful uva/uvb rays, which aren't available in the USA. Yes, that's right, not available in the USA...maybe available but hidden away in some pharmacy or exclusive doctor's office.

Why don't you know about it? Why do you have to get an inside scoop on where to find this miracle sunscreen creme and why can't you just buy it at the Rite Aid...?? Well, the number one ingredient that isn't allowed or hasn't been approved by the FDA yet, is called, "Mexoryl." This "m" ingredient is the key ingredient that could save you from the worst possible case scenario of skin cancer. I have a really great link to an article that talks about where you find these creams and who manufactures them. Again, these are the little things that the Europeans are ahead on, while as Americans our safety and well being are being held up by government red tape.

Visit this site for more details, (you'll be amazed) :

OK- PS Added 9/24/08- I was informed from a reader who works in the cosmetics industry that the Brand Anthelios has been approved by the FDA and now available for purchase. Thanks guys for your comments and added info!

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