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Monday, October 24, 2011

Italian American Girl Featured On Bertolli Meal Soups 'Today' Cooking School

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Recently, I was invited by the Bertolli team to be part of their new 'Today' Cooking School series on MSNBC.

In this new cooking series, we met the Bertolli team, where we were given an opportunity to shoot this cooking segment along with other influential bloggers such as Jen Luby from Second City Soiree and Paula Jones from Bellalimento. There is nothing better than being able to be yourself and be part of a great project. Not only was I lucky enough to participate, but my sister, Maria was also a master in the kitchen in this segment.

The soups really were delicious and as an Italian American, who grew up with my mom's cooking, the soup was pretty authentic. So, I hope you love the series, watch it once or a million times, I love it! I'm so excited! Thank you to the Bertolli Team!

Watch other cooking school segments here:

Friday, July 31, 2009

Top Chef's Fabio Viviani Partnering with Santa Margherita For The First-Ever “Great Taste Challenge."

Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani is partnering with Santa Margherita for the first-ever “Great Taste Challenge,” a food and wine pairing contest for wine-lovers to win a trip to LA and learn from Fabio himself!

Consumers can submit their recipes and a short demo video about why their dish pairs well with Santa Margherita wines at between now and August 31st. Finalists will be judged by Fabio in NYC on September 24th and the winner will travel to LA for a 3 day trip, which includes cooking lessons with Fabio at his restaurant, Café Firenze.

For full contest details, click here: CONTEST

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Chef and Why I Love the Contestant, Fabio.

Did anyone catch last night's Top Chef? It was an interesting show where each team had to create a course that was going to be served for Food & Wine's Gail Simmons' bridal shower. Of course our favorite guy, Fabio presents the dish for his team, but before he gives the run down on the food, he goes on to tell the entire bridal shower party goers how they all look beautiful. He shmoozed big time, Italian style. He then goes onto to say to the camera, that every woman needs to hear their beautiful. Wow. So great. Fabio also revealed he's married and they briefly posted a pic of he and his wife. But the most important comment from him, was.."you don't want to piss off the bride." So true. This guy is good, and he's Italian. Love him.

Check out Fabio's photo diary on Top Chef's site:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Top Chef" & Fabio.

Another quick blurb on Top Chef, did you watch it last night? Fabio is on fire, his cooking skills are winning him big challenges. The episode last night was great, I think he has a great chance of winning the Top Chef title. Visit the link below to see interviews & videos with Fabio. (photo-

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Chef on Bravo, Reveals Italian Contestant, Fabio.

If you're like me then you sometimes catch a few episodes of Top Chef. I wish I could devote more time to the show, but its just hard to get there sometimes. Anyway, so this week I happened to catch a Top Chef episode and caught myself up with mainstream T.V. Well, I was surprised to see they actually had two European chefs competing in this year's season. One of those chefs, was Italian born chef, Fabio. Well to say the least, in his first competitions he did very well due, maybe due to his natural born talent of being Italian or his extensive training and schooling in the culinary arts. Its interesting to see the dynamic between the European and the American chefs. You can most definitely see the Italian confidence present in this show when it comes to Fabio. If you love "Top Chef," then you should check it out and see what the Fabio talk is all about. By the way, according to his bio, Fabio is also the personal chef to William Shatner. To read more about Fabio, go to the bio link below. Top Chef airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on Bravo.