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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Who Are the Real Italian American Girls?

Now a days it's getting harder and harder to tell the real Italian Americans from the so called, mainstream media "Italian Americans." I think its fair to say you can have your own definition or meaning of being Italian American based on how you were culturally brought up or what the "norm" is --based on your geographic/ tri-state location. Its so hard to explain what that actually means, but to break it down, I guess everyone wants to be Italian American. Can you blame them?

As I was working on some new projects for the Italian American Girl site, I began to think who are the real Italian Americans? I have a hard time accepting the mainstream ideas, images, personas and stereotypes. Then, I said to myself the very purpose of my site was to really feature the true ITALIAN AMERICANS the local personas, friends and celebrities.

I can speak for myself as an Italian American woman, that I'm proud of who I am, where I come from and what I've achieved. As the Italian American Girl site grows we've included and featured many up and coming; successful Italian American women.

The focus is to bring positive attention to the accomplishments of the real Italian American Girls.

Take a look at the list for the Top Italian American Women:

Margaret Fontana.- Creator of the Italian American Girl Site & Italian Americans in Social Media.

Alicia Vitarelli- Television Anchor & Media Personality for News12 NJ

Dawn DelRusso- Stylist and Fashionista

Giada Valenti - Singer, Songwriter

Patricia Volonakis Davis- Italian American Author

Rossella Rago - Host of "Cooking With Nonna"

Serena Palumbo- Accomplished Professional & Contestant on Food Network's "The Next Food Network Star"

Maryann Maisano- Comedian and creator of "Italian Chicks"

Ornella Fado- Host of Brindiamo TV

If you would like to be considered for the Top Italian American Women's List on IAG, please email me to be included with a brief bio and link to your site.

**This listed was originally posted on August 10, 2010


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Cooking With Nonna" Web Show Teams Up With KitchenAid.

Cooking With Nonna is back for a second season with all new great Italian recipes and new Nonne appearing on the show. Plus, KitchenAid, has joined forces with the Italian niche web show, where they will kick off a "10 Weeks! - 10 Appliances!" giveaway leading up to the holidays.

To be eligible to receive the appliance all you need to do is join the Cooking with Nonna Fan Club and then Join the Giveaway each week for the next 10 weeks. At the end of each week an appliance will be given out to one of our fans chosen at random. Then, to increase your chances of taking home the appliance, all you need to do is Invite Your Friends to join the Giveaway. You receive an extra entry in the Giveaway for that week that your friend joins. (see Official Rules for details).

"Tune in for Ossobuco con Gremolata with Nonna Carmen as she helps me prepare the signature dish from Milano. It is truly delicious and very easy to prepare ."--Rossella

Watch the show on Nonna TV and enjoy.

You can also follow Rossella on TWITTER-- @rossellarago

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Cooking With Nonna" Web Show Is Conducting A Casting Call Sunday, August 23rd.

On Sunday, August 23rd, an Open Call will be held to select the new Nonne that will participate on the show. The Open Call will be held at:

Pearl Studios NYC
500 Eighth Ave (4th Floor)
(between 35th and 36th St)
New York, NY
Time: 2:00PM - 5PM

If you are a Nonna or have a Nonna in your family that would like to be considered for the show, please come the the Open Call as we would like to meet you.

Requirements/notes that the Nonna must consider:

Must be a Nonna (no exceptions)
Must be from a region of Italy (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation is fine)
Must know how to cook well two recipes from your region of Italy
Broken English is not a problem
If you have a head shot, please bring it with you
Willing to commit 2 days (Sat. & Sun.) for the shoot (some compensation)
Shoot is in Montville, NJ
You must be able to self report

Nonna, if this project is of interest to you, please come to the Open Call. If you are selected for the show we guarantee that the experience is priceless. Shoots will take place during the months of Sept/Oct/Nov 2009.

For further information you may contact us via email at:

This Open Call is open to SAG and non-SAG.

For More Information: Cooking With Nonna

Monday, June 1, 2009

Italian American, Rosella Rago Launches New Site, "Cooking With Nonna."

First generation Italian American, Rosella Rago recently launched her new online cooking show called, "Cooking With Nonna."

Inspired by her love of food, her passion for entertaining and acting, as well as her love for her family and community, Rossella Rago will be starring in and hosting Cooking with Nonna, the online cooking show and food webisode series launching on June 1, 2009. Cooking with Nonna will feature recipes passed down throughout the generations that are simple to make, delicious, and rich in their history.

To watch Rosella's episodes go to

***Rossella will guest on Cosmo Radio: Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 111 - June 3 @ 6:00PM EST

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rosella Rago- "Cooking With Nonna"

Here's a really fun and great way to connect with your traditional Italian cooking roots. Rosella Rago, is an up and coming new talent, who is working on a web series project that will feature cooking traditions and recipes from nonnas all over the world. She put out a call in the Italian American community for everyone to participate and volunteer their favorite recipes from their Nonna. The project is expected to launch this upcoming year. Support our Italian American talent and visit Rosella's site for updates, new shows and participation.