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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I Can't Get No Fresh Bread Around Here..

I can't get no satisfaction because I can't get any fresh Italian bread around here in Jersey. Let's discuss the importance of fresh bread in any Italian household. If I'm at my parents house and there's no bread, its like there is a three alarm fire. We can not function without fresh bread. "U Pane" is the staple of the house, it was more than bread, it signified love, dinner time with my family and just always seemed to taste good with anything in it or on it..always made me feel better.

I grew up my whole life with my father coming home from work and bringing a loaf of fresh Italian bread from the bakery in Newark, NJ. Yes, these were the days when stopping "pu pane," (Thats how we say it) was an important daily ritual. Now, since I've moved out of the city suburbs into the suburbs my local grocery store has to provide me with bread that makes me want to vomit. If I want fresh bread or just even good bread I have to settle for the bagged Calandra bread brought in from who knows when. I like their bread, but I'd rather go pick up in the bakery. In New Jersey, or I should say more south Jersey, the bakery absence is a huge problem. I remember going to an occasion and promising the host I would bring the pastries, then I realized what was I crazy, I couldn't vouch for these Merigan bakeries and their pastry capabilities. What a mess. Anyway, I still struggle to find the perfect loaf of Italian bread but will remain loyal to North Jersey for what I need.

What are you thoughts? Who makes the best bread?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

NJN Public Television, Pride & Passion: The Italians In America Watch it Tonight!!

In Celebration of Italians This Weekend For Columbus Day: Watch This Documentary: Pride & Passion: The Italians in America

There will be another program right after the above documentary.This is a beautiful show which features the best of Italy and its coast lines from an aerial view.
Visions of Italy: The Great Cities---Rome, Florence & Naples

You know, as always..don't pay too much mind to the people who talk too much about things they don't know about. Give these documentaries a chance and watch them. You'll love it and might learn something.