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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madonna, Italian American Celebrity, Gives To the Victims of the Italian Earthquake.

Famous Italian American celebrity, Madonna has pledged an undisclosed large amount of money to the victims of the earthquake in L'Aquila. Madonna was quoted as saying. ""I am happy to lend a helping hand to the town that my ancestors are from."

I commend her for being one of the first influential Italian American celebrities to step forward and help the victims of this tragic event in Italy.

Here's more on the story:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Madonna Dedicates "Like A Virgin" to the Pope at her Sticky N Sweet Concert in Rome Over the Weekend.

One of my favorite Italian-American women of all time. I love Madonna, I mean who doesn't. She just hit a milestone with turning 50 years old this year. Damn, I can only wish I look as hot as her when I hit 50. So, she just started her the first leg of her Sticky N' Sweet tour and opened up with a major ground-breaking concert in Rome. Now, Madonna even though she was raised in an Italian Catholic home has been known to challenge the 'church.' Over the years, Madonna was banned several times from performing in Rome due to her over the top artistic performances.

I remember watching the "Truth or Dare" documentary where Madonna is giving a press conference in Rome trying to explain her case to the Italian people after her show was banned because of risque segments. She went on to say, how she's an Italian American and basically not interested in offending the church but just trying to express herself. Now, after a more than a decade, Madonna returns to Rome, welcomed by all the Italians and including the Pope. She says, "I dedicate this song to the pope, because I'm a child of God. All of you are also children of God." So deep, love Madonna. I will be honored with seeing Madonna in concert when she hits Madison Square Garden this Fall. Can't wait!