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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

International Star and Italian Singer Patrizio Buanne Releases New Album 'Patrizio'

He's back and better than ever, international singer and Italian crooner, Patrizio Buanne released his latest album called 'Patrizio.'
One word,--- AMAZING.

Buanne has sold over one million albums worldwide, making him one of the most desired singers of our time. This album gives Patrizio Buanne a chance to show off his extensive voice range--He's not just a standard singer, you can really hear the soul, some pop, traditional and cultural vibes.

Patrizio says, "I'm not just an Italian guy singing Italian songs. It's important to give people the kind of music I am known for, but I also wanted to open myself up artistically and give them something else or rather something "more of me" that's why we called the album PATRIZIO.

In this new album Patrizio takes a different avenue on his style of singing and really digs deep into soulful standards. Famous standards, like 'Fly me to the Moon, and 'Crazy' are spectacularly sung by Buanne. His sound and delivery really infuse an inspiring and emotional sound into these songs.

I've seen Patrizio perform in person, and can tell you his stand out element as a performer and singer is his ability to convey passion and sincere emotion. Come on, the guy is Italian. (what do you expect) If his past success is any indication of the success of this new album, then he'll be on the American Music Awards before you know it. Patrizio Buanne is crossing over big time, with each feature we've been lucky enough to publish on him, his success and popularity are consistently growing. His fan base is completely committed to Buanne and will support him to make his cross over a success in the USA. We wish him the best on the release of this new album. I personally have a few favorites on this album especially, 'You're My Everything' - beautiful.

To buy Patrizio Buanne's new album 'Patrizio' visit his official site:

Photo Credit - Amit & Naroop

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