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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JOURNEY OF HOPE –THE FILM Featuring Local Italian American Set To Premiere At Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey

This year's Garden State Film Festival 2011 will feature the film 'JOURNEY OF HOPE- The Film' produced by award winning Italian American Marino Amoruso, the same producer of 'PRIDE & PASSION: THE ITALIANS IN AMERICA, a very successful film which premiered on PBS.

'Journey of Hope - The Film' features local New Jersey business owner and Italian American Joe Leone Introna who travels to L'Aquila, Italy to volunteer and help the people, who suffered great hardship after a devastating and powerful earthquake wiped out the entire town. Joe along with friends and volunteers traveled to the devastated town where they offered the victims clothes, shoes, comfort, bedding and much more.

The film captures Joe as he connects with the people of L'Aquila and gives a raw look inside the loss and devastation the citizens endured. What makes this film very special for Italian Americans is the fact that Joe is Italian American but his family comes from the Bari region, not L'Aquila, but his nature to help his Italian ancestors extended to the mere fact that he wanted to just help. It says a lot about a person's character. This film is powerful.

With today's headlines in Japan and the absolute devastation that most of can not comprehend, this particular film gives you an idea how powerful one person can be when the goal is to help those in need. Joe and his team continue to work on raising on funds for the relief effort in L'Aquila.

For more information on Joe Leone Introna, Marino Amoruso and to donate visit:

I call on all Italian Americans to come to the premiere and show your support:

Journey Of Hope L'Aquila Earthquake Relief Fund

Date: Thursday March 31st

Time: 7:30PM

Place: Paramount Theatre