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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week Left Till the Presidential Election Vote For 2008.

We have one week left till the election on November 4, 2008. A voter surge is expected in many states and has occurred even with absentee ballots and early voting. With America in the current situation that it stands in, we must contribute our vote in the hope that the outcome will help us. I understand many young voters are uninspired and just think their vote doesn't count or really have no clue about the candidates or what they stand for. I say, get educated, if you love the Internet, Google search the candidates, find out what they represent and what they hope to accomplish. Start here, start somewhere, being an absentee citizen who is uninspired just isn't going to fly.
Get out and vote -NOVEMBER 4, 2008.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Debate.

Did you tune into your final debate coverage last night? I personally liked the set up of this final debate where the candidiates were sitting more comfortably and from a viewer stand point it made the debate more engaging. Instead of focusing on the awkward movements of the candidates freestyling around the room, the round table effect was definitely more interesting based on the actual conversation.

The debate for me was as always a bit redundant but with an added new topic from the moderator on abortion. This was really interesting to see how the candidates skated around this topic because its probably one of the most controversial stances for any candidate to tackle. I was pleased with Senator Obama's answer and felt Senator McCain was a little more generalizing. I think where the candidates differ is in their specifics and generalities.

For instance, Senator Obama gives specifics and Senator McCain is constantly repeating and generalizing. Look at this point, I think you can see where I am leaning but I will say, who ever does win this election I will support either one of these candidates just as long as the common interest is to better and improve our current state of chaos in the United States. I look forward to the tail of end of this election campaign and am eager to get in the voting booth this November.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama & McCain, Last Night's Debate.

Last night's debate was far more intense than the last debate..this I will say. It almost seemed like McCain was more determined than ever to make a point and was trying very hard. On the other hand, Obama seemed very cool and collected, responding at the right moments and keeping the focus straight on the economy.

These two men must be so tired of saying the same things over and over was actually obvious with McCain, at one point said the same thing three times in one sentence. I almost get nervous and embarrassed for him, it was awkward. My critique of both candidates is that neither one of them offered better information from the last debate. I felt like it was a review from the last one. I realize its probably hard for them to say or promise anything in this stage but really these aren't normal times and require vital leadership.

By the way, I'm not sure if anyone else has thought about this issue, but whatever happened to "illegal immigration" as a large topic. Has anyone thought that maybe the loss of jobs to tons or I should millions of illegal immigrants has contributed to the economic landslide as well.

I mean really lets think about it, illegals make money, they don't pay taxes, and technically get good health care if they present themselves in a walk in clinic. I'm not against immigrants and wish all immigrants a chance to make a better life in America. But, here's the thing, my parents who are immigrants, had to do it the right way and the legal way. There is no reason why everyone is now exempt. This is where the government should have also taken responsibility and control when the influx started. Its now completely out of control.

In conclusion, I found the debate to be more interesting than the last, but we have a long way to go based on the current events. Election Day can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes, Its True The Italian American Vote Is Important To All The Candidates.

As we prepare for tonight's debate, I find myself reading more articles and information on how the Italian American vote is an important factor to any political candidate's campaign. The Italian Americans make up a large group of influential and back bone votes. We do represent a large group of the immigrants who came to America for a better life and it doesn't just mean Italians.

The Mediterranean factor is a large part of our influence and the political machine has caught onto our stable and influencing votes. By influencing I mean, Italian Americans range from the blue collars to the super influential such as other politicians and top executives. We are diverse. By the way, I love your comments and emails. Again, I'm not a political analyst nor do I claim to be I welcome your thoughts and comments. Also, to my younger Italian American readers, please get active and interactive and watch the debate tonight, your future--our future is on the line.

Check out this past New York Times Article:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Is The Italian American Going To Vote For: McCain Or Obama?

Did you watch the debates tonight? I think the debates went really well, I wouldn't say there was a defining moment at all. There was no clear moment of saying, " and so really did great." There is no denying that McCain has tons of experience in military, defense, foreign policy--but the bigger issue tonight was the financial meltdown happening before our very eyes. I mean, in listening to both candidates it really makes you see there is so much that the average citizen has no clue about when it comes to either domestic or foreign issues.

Obama set the stage for a common thread he kept bringing back to the debate, which was the domestic issues. He reiterated time and time again about health care, jobs, taxes and renewable energy. McCain, on the other hand really showed off on his foreign policy knowledge. I will say both candidates did do a fantastic job with presenting a lot of the issues, but its moments like that you want to say, "can't we have both people running the country?"

Its a tough call on this election and these are not so common times. Who is the Italian American going to vote? Again, we have to remember our roots and think -which candidate will reflect our values, needs and dreams. Italian Americans are citizens of the United States because our ancestors believed in a greater way of life and a country that could provide it. Who are you going to vote for?