Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Is The Italian American Going To Vote For: McCain Or Obama?

Did you watch the debates tonight? I think the debates went really well, I wouldn't say there was a defining moment at all. There was no clear moment of saying, " and so really did great." There is no denying that McCain has tons of experience in military, defense, foreign policy--but the bigger issue tonight was the financial meltdown happening before our very eyes. I mean, in listening to both candidates it really makes you see there is so much that the average citizen has no clue about when it comes to either domestic or foreign issues.

Obama set the stage for a common thread he kept bringing back to the debate, which was the domestic issues. He reiterated time and time again about health care, jobs, taxes and renewable energy. McCain, on the other hand really showed off on his foreign policy knowledge. I will say both candidates did do a fantastic job with presenting a lot of the issues, but its moments like that you want to say, "can't we have both people running the country?"

Its a tough call on this election and these are not so common times. Who is the Italian American going to vote? Again, we have to remember our roots and think -which candidate will reflect our values, needs and dreams. Italian Americans are citizens of the United States because our ancestors believed in a greater way of life and a country that could provide it. Who are you going to vote for?

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