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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

David Beckham Officially In Italy For AC Milan.

If you're a soccer fan, than you'll be happy to know, that David Beckham is now and officially in Italy ready for the switch to play for Milan. It seems the Italian soccer league is happy to have David Beckham on board. He brings his A game but a slew of press too. He can only help right? Well, as you know Italian audiences are unmoved by "celebrity, " they want to see him in action. So, Becks may be a superstar around the world, but the Italians are waiting for him to show what he's got. Becks better deliver.

(Image- AP)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

David Beckham heads to Italy As New Member of AC Milan.

It appears super hotty soccer star, David Beckham is heading to Italy to become part of the great AC Milan team. Although Beckham just moved to America just last year to be part of Galaxy, it doesn't look like that will last. With Becks and Posh in America, it seemed like they were destined for some Hollywood hooplah. Did anyone end up seeing the special where they featured Posh shopping for houses in LA? It was actually quite interesting to see their lives documented sort documentary style. Anyhow, the move to Italy could also be good for Posh who is known to be the big fashionista and aspiring fashion designer. We shall see. But really getting back to soccer, so Becks is back in Europe where he can now get back in the game, literally. Lets be honest, soccer gets a bad rap here in the states. There just isn't that same passion for soccer like in Europe. Americans prefer football I guess.