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Friday, January 23, 2009

FIAT & Chrysler, Will There Be Such a Thing as An Italian American Car?

We are Italian American, and we refer to many things as Italian American, so given the latest news of Italian car maker, FIAT investing its stake in this the beginning of a beautiful union of an Italian American car manufacturer? As Detroit braces for survival and the reputation of the car industry dwindling, the move from Italian automaker FIAT to join Chrysler signifies a history making decision that could influence American technology and engineering for the better in the green efficiency departments. FIAT hopes to gain much from Chrysler's plants, engineering and resources, along with Chrysler taking the best resources FIAT has to offer. I say, go for it. In these troubled times, going for a union that could possibly benefit future fuel economy cars is the way to go. We will keep on an eye on this newly formed relationship and report on it often. Italian American people, its the way to go! Hey, you never know you might be driving a Fiat 500 very soon!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can FIAT Out Live Chrysler & GM?

Interesting news this morning about the failing auto industry. Chrysler and GM are waiting patiently for news out Washington on how much or will the government help the cash strapped automakers. Its reported that that the American automakers are now coasting along on cash fumes. It will be any day now that the car giants will run out of money. Incredible. In comparing the car makers across the globe and the steep losses projected all around, one car company, FIAT, is plugging along on losses but still managing to stay afloat with some cash in their account. FIAT has been known to rise from the dead in past years and reinvent themselves. This is the same car company that is the mother to the Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maerati and Ferrari. So, here it is once again..another financial crisis..will FIAT outlive the US automakers?,0,4779797.column

Friday, December 12, 2008

No Auto Bailout? Could This Be The End of GM & Chrysler?

First reports out this morning are showing the bailout deal might come to a screeching halt. It appears the compromising points are of course salaries and Union benefit cuts. This is huge, if they can't survive the next month, then it looks like there could be a major collapse. Some in the industry have said they were looking at all options such as bankruptcy, but will filing for bankruptcy help those millions of automakers stay employed? I think not. This situation is bad, if you think it doesn't affect you-you're wrong. What happens in this deal, will be the ripple effect for sure, if hasn't already hit you. Unemployment is through the roof, now comes the global impact. I sure hope Obama can handle this monstrous mess. The good news, inauguration day is right around the corner. The last thing is, or question..."How and Why wasn't this revealed last December?" This type of problem doesn't happen over night. Bush better go back to Texas and hide. He is going down as the worst President ever. Sorry supporters. The proof is in the pudding.