Friday, January 23, 2009

FIAT & Chrysler, Will There Be Such a Thing as An Italian American Car?

We are Italian American, and we refer to many things as Italian American, so given the latest news of Italian car maker, FIAT investing its stake in this the beginning of a beautiful union of an Italian American car manufacturer? As Detroit braces for survival and the reputation of the car industry dwindling, the move from Italian automaker FIAT to join Chrysler signifies a history making decision that could influence American technology and engineering for the better in the green efficiency departments. FIAT hopes to gain much from Chrysler's plants, engineering and resources, along with Chrysler taking the best resources FIAT has to offer. I say, go for it. In these troubled times, going for a union that could possibly benefit future fuel economy cars is the way to go. We will keep on an eye on this newly formed relationship and report on it often. Italian American people, its the way to go! Hey, you never know you might be driving a Fiat 500 very soon!

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Anonymous said...

I'd just tell Fiat to stay away from Chrylser and let them go out of business...Chrysler has hasn't been good since the '70s.