Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National Lasagne Day- July 29, 2009.

What would an Italian American blog be if I didn't mention important dates such as "National Lasagne Day?" So in honor of our delicious and staple food in the Italian household, I wish you all a healthy, happy National Lasagne Day. Now, with all this talk about lasagne and sauces, I feel the need to make lasagne. Buon appetito!!

Check out a national restaurant giving out free lasagne today in honor of the holiday:

PS- I had written "lasagna" because that is how many Italian Americans identify and pronounce it, to know the "lasagne" is proper. Thank you to those who wished to see it written properly.


Brian Knight said...

Hi - there's a cool National Lasagna day contest taking place over at Abbondanza Magazine:

Quest said...


i can smell the cookin' all the way here, and I'm faaaaar. Though I originally live in Canada, where beavers and drunk hockey players reign. Awesome blog. Mine needs some recipes.