Monday, April 20, 2009

Want To Move To Italy? Learn the Basics On Making The Switch.

Living in Italy could be one of the greatest things you ever decide to do in your life. I've lived in Italy for months at a time since a very young age, so I know the exhilarating feelings that come with a new take on a different country. Everything from language to shopping to silly everyday chores are very different than how we accomplish them here in the USA. Some people move to Italy with the intention of not coming back, while others dabble with living abroad and devote a full year to living Under the Tuscan Sun. (just saying.)

I will say, that having an experience overseas can open your eyes to a lot of differences, benefits and obviously wonderful culture. The only down side to moving to Italy, is the job market. If you move to Italy thinking you'll get a job, think again. Its not that easy to land a job unless someone knows someone who knows someone who is the cousin of someone. (really-) But now that we are in a slumping economy on this side of the pond, its really the same job market here in the states, so we're in the same boat at the moment.

To live in Italy requires an open mind, heart and thought process. Here in the US, we rely so much on technology, government, mainstream media and instant gratification, whereas in Italy these things are present but using your human nature comes first and appreciating simplicity still has a place in the world. It sounds nice, but if you have no patience, then Italy isn't for you. Italians take their sweet ass time when it comes to everyday life.

So, to help you understand what moving to Italy is like and living the Italian lifestyle, I want to share these blogs with you. I've become "virtual" friends with many intriguing expats in Italy, who are always so friendly and share their personal stories and topics with such passion. I read these blogs as often as possible. So if you're thinking about moving to Italy, start reading a bit about what life is like and how the transition works. Take a look around!


Anonymous said...

Excellent resources but your link fails. Congrats, great blog, molto verace.


Jason said...

"To live in Italy requires an open mind, heart and thought process."

Too true; this is the second time I've moved to Italy (from London). It'll help if you answer the question; "what will I do all day?" in a realistic manner. Remember, it's not the same as being on holiday. Best of luck!

Prince Ramsey said...

I've always wanted to move to Italy for a couple years, but the job market is the only thing that's keeping me from doing so. However, there's always the possibility of a semester abroad learning the language. Who knows? I might try it in the future. Thanks for the links.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Hey! I just saw this. Thanks for the shout out ... a good year and a half later. he he Maybe I really *am* becoming Calabrese!