Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twitter, Social Media Networking and Connecting With My Italian Roots.

The power and reach of technology is so amazing today that connecting with someone half a world away is just a key touch away. (literally) Blogging, Twittering, Facebook, Skype, I mean the possibilities are endless when using social media tools to find or connect with any topic, person, or just to have plain old conversations. If you're like me and like to talk to your Italian family overseas then you're already aware how social media tools can make your connection fast, easy and cheap.

Personally, I am an avid Twitter (er). I have a live feed on the bottom right hand side of IAG. So at any given time of the day, you can find my latest Twitter updates moment to moment. For those of you who don't know Twitter, its a social media tool that allows you to write a brief status or message whether its to say hello to your friends, talk about where you are or about to do, or to share an article or information with your immediate audience.

You can connect with anyone from anywhere in the world. Its simply amazing. In doing my usual Twittering, I was lucky enough to connect with a young journalist from Reggio Calabria, Italy, who runs a great information site about Reggio Calabria. He along with other journalists, cover everything from international and local news, politics, technology, life and all things Italian.

The site is called, Libera Reggio, if you're from Reggio Calabria, and read Italian, stop in on their site its really quite informative and gears toward a savvy demographic. So, in connecting with my new Calabrian friend, I think he was amazed at the fact at how I cherish my heritage and Calabrian roots by which he determined through reading my posts and viewing pics I have posted here on Italian American Girl. Its obvious isn't it?

After making this awesome connection and finding a new Calabrian friend, I think I will have to coordinate a TweetUp in Reggio Calabria this summer. Technology is amazing. Check out this great article from Libera Reggio right here, of course with a mention about meeting me, Italian American Girl.

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