Thursday, January 29, 2009

Verizon Wireless Commercial StereoTyping Italian-Americans?

Well, once again after all the complaints, the anti-defamation organizations and just regular Italian Americans voicing their opinions on the negative impact of stereotyping in the media, we still have major brands like, Verizon, using a defamatory stereotyping tactic in a recent commercial. Now, what rocket scientist at Verizon would think this type of commercial would go over well? I won't even post the video here of the commercial but give you a link, because it annoys me.

This stereotyping must end, you can't have one guy in the ad department of a major company telling his boss, "yes, this will work..Italians are like this, look at the success of the Sopranos." NO!!!!! This guy in the advertising department has no clue about the world or what being Italian is, so before all the haters say, "Italian Americans whine about everything in the media, " I will, if this was any other ethnic group and a negative stereotype was portrayed in the media to this magnitude, you would hear about it more than this minor post or a few comments posted to Verizon. You know what, I use Verizon as my provider, now as a consumer it makes me rethink them. What kind of company thinks negative stereotyping is OK? A public apology would be nice.

Please read the full article posted here and see the comments. Very interesting.

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