Friday, January 30, 2009

Italy's San Remo Music Festival Pulling In Major American Celebrities For February 2009.

Have you ever watched the Festival of San Remo? Its a week long televised musical event, where celebrities from Italy and around the world come to San Remo, Italy to either perform or join in on the musical festivities. Its actually very entertaining and I love the Italian hosts and their overly tanned looks, I don't think anyone ever looks bad.

So, this year in order to take things to a new level, super mega rock star U2's Bono has requested that celebrities join him in an effort to combat worldwide poverty by spreading the word on this international problem. Celebs such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Claudia Schiffer, Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz are expected to do a little Italian talking on the project. Other American celebrities expected to show on stage are Jim Carey, & Hugh Hefner and (the Girls).

The festival begins February 17-21st. If you want to watch the San Remo Festival check with your local cable company for RAI or its affiliates. I know we catch San Remo on RAI every Sunday in February.

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