Friday, January 9, 2009

Italian American Actor, Frank Langella--Stars In Critically Acclaimed--"FROST / NIXON"

Italian American actor, Frank Langella is now starring in the role that could win him some great awards this upcoming season. The movie, directed by Ron Howard is "Frost/ Nixon." Langella plays the role of President Richard Nixon and depicts the story behind the Watergate scandal that caused Nixon to resign as President. The role looks extremely challenging and actually stretched Langella into a new category, which shows his versatility as an actor. He's better known for his Broadway work in theater, where he's won many acclaimed awards and honors. I was watching the Critics Choice Awards last night and was so interested in what he had to say on the pre-red carpet interviews, he just seems like such a down to Earth person. I wish him luck with the movie, which I know is going to be super successful, just based on the initial hype already.
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