Monday, December 15, 2008

What Are Your Italian American Christmas Traditions?

As Italian Americans we all share the fact that we descend from Italy with our family traditions and set cultures. With time our traditions and ways have evolved with the American lifestyle and we've managed to create a combination of two cultural identities. This Christmas we will all gather together and practice those traditions. Some of you might cook fish on Christmas Eve or go to church. Is there an important dish someone will continue to cook and carry the traditions on for? Let's talk about Christmas and how you will be celebrating your Italian American Christmas this year? Tell us about your Italian American traditions? Do you think you keep your Italian heritage alive? I invite you all to comment on this post, lets share our similarities and learn more about others.

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Domenica said...

Great post! My family does the traditional 7 fishes on Christmas Eve. All of my aunts and female cousins come over to my house in the morning and we spend the majority of the day frying fish and putting the dinner together. We eat shrimp, scallops, cod, smelt, tilapia, tuna, and stuffed calamari. Since some people in my family don't like fish, we've added other vegetarian dishes to the menu over the years. I'm writing a big post about this for my own blog, D*Tales, which will be live soon. Be sure to check it out!