Monday, December 15, 2008

"Cugini," The Movie--Directed By Italian-American, John Gigante, Now Available On DVD.

Italian American, John Gigante- is an actor, writer and director. He's making his directorial debut with this heart warming and touching movie called, "Cugini." Its a comedy with an amazing story of romance and love.

The story goes-- Hotshot filmmaker, Rick Cugini rediscovers the true meaning of love and family in the most ironic of places - his old Brooklyn neighborhood. When Rick Cugini learns he has a 5 year old son he never knew, and that his favorite childhood movie theater is closed, the commotion kicks off!
CUGINI stars Burt Young, John Gigante, Marrielle Monte, with a terrific supporting cast including Molly Price.

The film won:
*The Staten Island Film Festival
*Los Angeles Italian Film Awards

Visit the "Cugini" movie site and get a glimpse of this wonderful film. Its also available for purchase on DVD.

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