Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pirates Of the Caribbean..?? Italian Sailors Hunting Pirates This Holiday.

You've all heard of these infamous pirates off the coast of Somalia that hijack major vessels and have tried even cruise ships. Some of these pirates with these busted up boats are actually succeeding at over taking larger vessels on the open seas. A more recent incident was the cruise ship outrunning the pirates on their run down boats. Some incidents included gun fire. Whats amazing to me is how these pirates, who you some times even see shoeless and so unprepared are just able to hijack these massive ships.

Using the word, 'pirate' is not a just term you associate with Jack Sparrow from the movies, there seem to be now the modern pirates who think they're Jack Sparrow. Unbelievable. So, in an effort to stop these want to be hijackers, the Italian military is now out on the open seas hunting pirates for the holiday. In an international effort with other countries, the goal is to stop the pirates and keep the open waters safe. I say, go to the root of the problem in Somalia. I think these men wouldn't be looking to hijack major vessels if they had some stability in their own country or money. Isn't it always about money?

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