Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve--Panettone, Limoncello & Asti Spumanti

Here they are, the three staples for your Italian American New Year's Eve. Now, what would New Years be without the trusty Panettone cake? There is something to be said about Panettone, and how its just the joke of every Italian family because someone always gives a Panettone for Christmas and then it mysteriously gets re gifted and reappears back on your table for New Years. I am not kidding. I think Joe Avati even has a comedy routine about Panettone. Panettone re gifting is just a universal thing.

So, to help you celebrate bringing in the New Year, we are also blessed to be the best makers of Limoncello, the lemon liqueur that will kick your butt into the New Year. Next, is the ever so Italian traditional champagne, Asti Spumanti. Now, some people will argue that Asti is just a little bitter and not the sweetest to ring in your celebrations but behold if you're going for traditional then go get your Asti.

Lastly, as my memory serves me, the last New Years I spent in Italy, my cousins told me about a New Year's tradition in Italy that involves your undergarments. So, according to many young people or even older, not sure...if you wear red under garments (underwear & such) then you will bring in the New Year with immense luck and joy! So, bust out your red undies if you want 2009 to start great! I know I will. Have a safe and healthy New Year everyone. Buon Cappodanno!! Happy New Year.

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