Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Did You Cover Your Fig Tree Yet?

My father covered his fig tree a few weeks ago, and since the tree really got big this past year..some neighbors have asked what the hell is that big mummy looking thing standing in your backyard? Well, my father then has to give mini-fig tree growing lessons to his "Meri-gan" neighbors. The process of caring for a fig tree is very intense, if you're not patient don't bother getting a fig tree. I see how much time and care my father puts into making sure the tree gets enough water, light and winter care. The usual time here on the East coast to cover the tree is right around October or November. You must be sure to wrap your tree carefully and keep it bundled nicely so its protected against the harsh winter weather. My father also places a bucket on the top of the mummy wrap to make sure no water gets in from the top. I mean when its all said and done, it looks like an eye sore in the yard. But what I will tell you is that the figs that grow from this tree in mid August, Sept., are the most delish. This is fig tree care 101, ala Italian-American.

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