Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Italian Americans All Around Us.

Funny story, I was in my local Rite Aid and I was waiting at the counter when I overheard this woman speaking an Italian dialect to her daughter. I turned around in utter surprise because I rarely or I should say NEVER hear anyone speaking Italian especially in Americana suburbia. So, I turned around because I couldn't help myself and just said, "you're Italian?" She replied,"Yes, Sicilian." Of course, give me a Sicilian who says their Italian, they always have to be different and say they're Sicilian, like its another world or not part of Italy or something. Love them, but had to point that out. Well, I went on to have a wonderful conversation with this woman and let me tell you, sometimes its just so lovely to meet fellow Italian Americans who speak Italian, what a connection. This was just an eye opening moment and made realize that Italian Americans are all around us.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. I'm from Sicily and I'm the one who commented about celebrating 40 years in the States. I catch myself saying that a lot when asked if I'm Italian.
I might do that more with other Italians form other regions.

Can't tell you how many times I get asked if Sicily is part of Italy and if they only speak dialect. I'm always confirming that's not true.

Do you also speak Calabrese dialect?

Italian American Girl said...

Hi Carole,
Always great to hear from you. Yes, I thought it was an interesting point about Sicilians. I do speak a Calabrese dialect as well among my family, but when I am out and about in Italy, I try and do my best to speak proper Italian. So really we know three languages, English, dialect and proper Italian..pheww..