Thursday, November 20, 2008

As An Italian American, Is There Pressure From Your Family To Be Married & Settled?

Ahh...yes, flashes of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," come flying into my head when it comes to thinking of marriage or long term relationships. In previous posts, I write about whether its important or not to be with someone of Italian descent and more importantly is it expected?

We all know as Italian Americans we are exposed to many ethnicities and cultures, so the likeliness of meeting someone who isn't Italian is... I would say pretty high. So, when you reach the ripe old age of lets say from 25-30, do you feel the pressure to meet the "one" and settle down? In the traditional Italian families, I would say, yes. Now a days, even in Italy there is more favoritism for careers, and independence as opposed to being settled with 4 children. (for example.)

I think the modern Italians have really taken the "modern" independence to a whole new level, which is also factored into the low birth rates currently in Italy. But again, I will add that for the Italian Americans who come from traditional families, it is kind of expected to be married and settled by a certain (?) age. Just from my experience with friends of family and family, let's say very close Sicilian friends, all of their children were married off and settled by no later than 30. So, yes..I do think the expectation and factor is there.

I'm lucky because as much as my parents are traditional, you would think this upbringing or time capsule mentality would be present, but actually its the opposite. I never felt that pressure, but if there's any might be my own. You know, I think in all Italian families our parents or family members want us to be happy and settled. I guess it makes everyone feel better and more importantly its just who we are, so I will embrace the pressures and expectations with positive energy and hope that we can all be happy with who we really love. After all, we Italians are the experts on love. ;)

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