Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making Jars of Sauce..yes, its called sauce and not gravy!

Many of my friends are absolutely astonished when I reveal what I do on my weekends. If you look at my credentials you would say ok..a professional with a college degree, great career path, a lot of social networks..yada yada. But, the fact of the matter is my credentials are a facade to who I really am. For instance, this weekend I was wrangled into making jars of sauce. My father who is the king of planting vegetable gardens has harvested a ton of tomatoes. So, my mother, who just returned from Italy. (thank God) is now coordinating this tomato cooking, jar bottling event. What I do on a normal weekend, or I should say my part of what myself or siblings are expected to do is so not the normal of the American lifestyle. Needless to say, we bottled a ton of tomatoes for the winter. The next event will be making wine come October. As I continue to blog I will post pictures, videos and basic 'how tos.' I realize these types of traditions are not easy to find information on, so as a courtesy to my fellow-Italo-Americani..I will post as much info as possible. Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - I am Italian-American and I say sauce too!

p.s. I like your new blog!