Monday, September 8, 2008

Democrats or Republicans...Who is the Italian American going to vote for?

Ok, so first and foremost, I will start this blog by saying I am American first. I have to say I was literally exhausted watching the Democratic and Republican conventions last week and the week before. Without showing my party hat..I have to say both conventions were pretty interesting. Starting out with the DNC, it was an inspirational moment of the American people projecting a great America. So, many of my close friends or colleagues are obviously not so inspired by the Dems and felt that the DNC was a big rock concert with celebrities. Yes, I guess some of it was, but the truth is it was about getting real and making a clear plan for the middle class and those who don't have voices.

The Dems tried to convey the message about taking back the White House and making America great again. For me, the Dems are definitely on a good track, I grew up in a middle-class home, my father and mother immigrants. We are the "American Dream."
On the other hand, I can also see the Repubs point of view but its a harder one to swallow. Our fellow Italian-American Rudy Giuliani was out in full force for his speech on the night of the RNC. It was wild, he was wild. Make no mistake, I have great respect for RG, and loved when he was the Mayor of NYC. Remember, I worked in NYC for many years, so after 9/11, we all looked to RG for guidance and he delivered. But I think the great thing about being American is that we can agree to disagree and choose what we want. Much love to RG.

But getting back to it, I feel many born and bred Americans forget that so many people emmigrated to this great country for a better life. For the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Being an American is an amazing thing, you have everything because opportunity allows you to have it. Its about working hard and living a good life.

My father sometimes gets discouraged when he sees how hard it is for myself and my siblings to make it in these times. Buying a house, (not so easy), getting a good paying job (not so easy), having good health care (not so easy), getting a college degree (not so easy.) He remembers a time in America when the idea was about growing a great government that could lead the American people into prosperous times.
He brags about the time when he arrived in the USA, and remembers how getting work was possible and how employers valued a person's skills and time. He was amazed at how great his new life as an American would be. Now, let's also remember this a guy who grew up in a Mussolini-Fascist world. So, if anyone knows the value of freedom, its my father. Who is by the way, also an American citizen since day one of stepping foot on this soil.
Today, we're faced with outsourcing, and where your college degree doesn't seem so special anymore and it doesnt guarantee you a great job. Well, now we are in a historic time of change. Pardon my French, but its time to 'shit or get off the pot.' We're down and out but I have faith in our government and the American way of life, where opportunity and prosperity are real things. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't just seem like words will be what brings us to a better tomorrow here in America.
As Italian-Americans we have to remember how we all got here. They said lets go to America because we can have a better life, its a place where opportunity, freedom and prosperity are available to all, not just the rich. Its about the common man making a greater life for his family and the generations to come. Italian-Americans are a great backbone to this country. Make our voices count and get out and vote this year!!

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