Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I would rather focus on the real talents of the cast members of the Sopranos such as, Federico Castelluccio.

Well, after my blog the other day on my feelings about negative stereotypes in the media regarding Italian Americans, I wanted to focus on one particular actor on the Sopranos, who really is a true artist at heart. If we focused one hour or a half hour show with Federico Castelluccio and his artistic abilities, that would be a lot better than just boxing him in the "Italian-American" negative gangster persona. On the Sopranos he plays "Furio."

When I found out he was an artist and saw some of his work, I was literally shocked. You know how I said my generation only believes what they see in the media, so if I only saw him in the Sopranos then I would only think he's a boxed up stereotype working on a show that stereotypes his ethnicity. But, leaving that behind, Federico Castelluccio is really a modern day renaissance man. His works of art are really interesting because they reveal a lost artistic quality you don't see in today's artists. His art is something out of the Renaissance age, literally. Its people like this who really have true talents that we should focus on, and talk about. Now I know that Federico Castelluccio is more than just an actor playing a 'gangster' on television.

If you visit his website you can see more of his gallery and works, http://www.federicocastelluccio.com/

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