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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reality TV is a Non-Stop Bash Fest on Italian Americans

It was coming, you know I had to comment on the recent parade of newly launched reality shows out on cable. I was reading the recent press release of the UNICO Italian American organization based out of New Jersey; where Andre’ DiMino, UNICO’s Chief Media Executive and immediate past National President expresses disgust for the recent portrayals of Italian Americans in reality TV.

Here's my question, are these people on the show for real? What do you think? I'm going to have to say that yes, these people are somewhat being themselves and of course prompted to inflate their faux Italian American personalities. I do not condone the behavior of incorrect portrayals of Italian Americans, but once again we have to look at the fact that the tri-state area is really full of people like the cast of these shows. The problem here is --this is a tri-state New Jersey- New York, American cultural thing, this has nothing to do with being Italian American.
I do believe many shows are being packaged with the Italian American innuendo or Italian-isms.

Our society has been brainwashed and seduced by the media and you've been sold an idea about Italian Americans that labels all Italian Americans. Again, you have to always remember that there are different degrees to being Italian American. Some degrees may be that you're portraying yourself like one of these cast members or a degree might be your promoting the positive or quite possibilty just being authentic about the Italian American cultural background.

Either way, its up for interpretation, make no mistake I do not condone negative portrayals of Italian Americans.

For more on the UNICO press release go here: