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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Italian American Sunday Dinner: Making Meatballs

Sunday dinner and my mother makes the best meatballs in the United States.. sorry she does! Here are a few montage photos of her making them. The recipe is also secret.. maybe we'll get her to give it up and so we can share with the Italian American Girl audience. LoL. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Ever Happened To Sunday Dinners....?

I can speak for myself and say that I am extremely lucky. Come hell or high water..which is pretty likely these days..there is always dinner on Sunday at my parents. By dinner, I don't mean like 5:00 or 6:00 pm its more like 1 or 2:00 pm. My father is a creature of habit and loves that my mother cooks him sausage and meatballs in the sauce. (Yes, its sauce.) Then following a fantastic plate of pasta. Sometimes, if I have an event to go to or someone invites me out for a Sunday I always do a second guess about attending, because I almost feel like I am missing out if I miss dinner at parents.

Their house is like the headquarters for everyone. I might be there, then my sister shows up with her kids and husband, followed by my brother or my other brother who might be visiting with his family. Sunday dinner, doesn't mean its just about food. I mean, Sunday dinners are like the meetings of the knights of the round table. There are some serious conversations that occur and pretty deep ones at that. We usually sit around the table for hours with revolving courses and especially coffee at the end of our meal.

Sunday dinners are one of the major characteristics of our family's values. No matter what, you are expected for dinner and you usually should attend..its in your best interest. ;) (according to my father.) Now, that I look back at my life growing up as an Italian American, I really cherish the fact that my parents kept my brothers and sister and myself super tight. The core of our values revolves around our family and respect for one another. Who would of thought that pasta and a few meatballs could be so meaningful? I'm lucky and wish more Italian Americans could experience Sunday dinner.