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Monday, October 1, 2012

Passione - A Film By Italian American Director & Actor John Turturro

John Turturro directs the sequence for 'Don Raffe'.
'Passione' a film by Italian American actor and director John Turturro, an amazingly 'passionate' documentary on the regional history of Neapolitan music.  If you've ever been to Italy you know that every region has it's own dialect, music, dance, food, etc.. so when you really dig down to the origins and history of the musical evolution you can really be left wondering --how can so many cultural influences be present in Italian regional music?  As an American you might say it's Italian music--but as you delve further into the film you meet other home grown artists, who tell their stories how Neapolitan music influenced their particular styles, such as famous Italian Neapolitan musician James Senese. Life and love are truly raw in Italy.. there is almost no filter to what people feel there-- so the title, 'Passione' is a great word for this film because it really describes the raw passion in Neapolitan music.  

As many of you know, I am Calabrese, but I love Neapolitan music. There is something so beautiful and deep in how these musicians deliver their songs that you want to hear more. Naples is unique, it has a long history of war, crime, and economic hardship, but like this famous quote -- "Vedi Napoli e poi muori!  (See Naples and then die)  --Really explains that Naples is so full of beauty that there is nothing else after that...  -- A little dramatic but true for many reasons. ) Throughout the film, John Turturro narrates and then participates in different musical scenes, which I found to be incredibly wonderful - not only did it show his diverse talents, but also gave the film a sense of raw musicality.

Overall, a fantastic film directed by Italian American actor John Turturro, you have to watch it for yourself and it's definitely an educational film even if your origins are not from Naples. Italy is one big history book, Naples is a very important chapter. This film was well done and I was left feeling that I learned more about Naples it's people, music and regional culture. 

Visit John Turturro's 'Passione' site for more information and how to order the film on iTunes, Amazon, etc..