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Friday, September 26, 2008

Can Stress Silently Kill You?

Well, according to a recent documentary and long time study and research done by Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University, he finds that stress can negatively affect you. His studies include focusing on the behaviors of animals in the wild, which include baboons.

Now, in adding to this post, I will say once again repeat, I'm not a scientist nor do I claim to be one. Anyhow, I'm a big follower of health, personal development type programming or information. So, the other night I happened to grab a glimpse of a great documentary from a National Geographic Special about Stress based on this incredible research from Dr. Sapolsky.

Now, you ask what does this have to do with the Italian-American angle, well I've blogged before on how Americans need to take a few lessons on living stress free from our native Italian ancestors. The rate of happiness, stress-less, and great health is way higher in countries like Italy, because its all about well being, stress-free, and super positive personal development. Yes, Yes, I know its hard to strive to be stress free..I understand-I live here too. But its the effort and even the mere thought that can help you achieve a better lifestyle. Just check out some of his finding and comments on this clip below. You'll be fascinated.