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Monday, May 3, 2021

Top 3 Best Pasta Dishes!


Over the last year since we've all been home and figuring what to do with our home bound lives, I've found some more peace and fun in cooking and trying new dishes.  Since I was always at work for the last 100 years, I never had time really to cook or spend more on time on experimenting unless it was a weekend.  So based on my Instagram statistics, I pulled the top three pasta dishes that you and the Italian American Girl audience interacted with most!  

  • Linguini with sauteed brocolli -which consists of some olive oil and a dash of red pepper which is my personal favorite. 

  • Believe it or not a simple dish yet so amazing is peas with pasta.  I usually cook with gluten free pasta by the way. The peas were sauteed with onions and then incorporated with the pasta.  This also has the flavor of the olive oil while it sauteed.

  • Lastly, I love grilled zucchini with garlic and olive oil over a dish of pasta.  I also add fresh sauce at times, just depending on how I want that dish.   
So many varieties and flavors to making pasta.   Tell me your favorite pasta dish or make a recommendation for any pasta brand or products you love most.