Thursday, May 5, 2022

Italian Girls, Curly Hair! Part 3!

My most popular posts on the IAG site are a combination of topics, a lot of times I get tons of emails about my ethnic curly hair. I do truly believe there is a correlation of my Italian heritage with the texture of my hair. Of course as you see many ethnicities across the world, you will encounter curly hair and more ethnic textures. I will say from seeing and interacting with Italian people we do tend to have extremely curly hair and there may be many reason for it geographically.   Here is a quote from a professor who puts it well - “Hair form is genetically controlled,” explains professor Erik Trinkaus from Washington University in St. Louis. “But to my knowledge nobody knows what the underlying genetic basis for it might be, and it is likely to be very complex.”

My father had very tight curly hair and even as a man his hair even at 91 maintained its curly texture.  I definitely took after my father, and interestingly enough both my parents are direct from Reggio Calabria, Italy.  In my family, there a few of us with my type of hair and now with the newer generation, my niece has my hair, so its fascinating to understanding DNA and how it evolves over generations and lineage.   

Here's a link to the hair products I use and for me personally, its a full on task to take care of curly hair. Most days, I actually wear my hair up in a bun or braid.  I do get away with not washing hair for a few days because curly hair allows for it, just my preference.  You do have to comb out your hair though on wash days because any type of bun or braid seriously knots my hair.   The other element that I believe is the secret sauce for maintaining and getting my hair to look good is actually coloring my hair.  I get my hair highlighted and honestly when I do, it controls my hair even more.  

Happy to chat more about hair! 


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