Saturday, October 15, 2011

Il Volo - 'O Sole Mio - Teen Italian Opera Singers?

Wow, is all I can say-- these guys are seriously making a huge impact on the American music industry and audience. Teens who can sing opera and kind of look boy bandish? Oh yes, and they're right out of Italy; doesn't get any better.

To hear more check out their channel here:


Unknown said...

I heard about them on the news a little while ago. They're really talented and pretty adorable, like Italian-born Jonas brothers or something! ha! :)

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Italian American Girl said...

I know, they're adorable and I'm sure will be successful. thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

They're more talented than the Jonas Brothers or One Direction, for example. Those Jonas Brothers and One Direction are treated like meaningless sex objects for girls to lust over.