Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday - Italian American Girl Site Turns 3 !

Happy Birthday to the Italian American Girl site. It's been three years of hard work, making great connections and meeting the most amazing people. When I started the site, my goal was to share my love and passion for my Italian culture, which I have to say I didn't think my love could grow any stronger, but it has and it keeps me driven to deliver the best content I can about being Italian American.

As an Italian American, there are so many important traditions that need to be recognized, cultivated and preserved, so the Italian American Girl site has become the home where we can talk, connect and share within our community.

I can't thank everyone enough for all your support, love and encouragement. I think the most important element that has grown from the IAG site, has been the unbelievable community that lets me know what I'm doing matters. Love you all and I look to you to help me keep the site successful and continuously growing. Grazie...xoxo