Saturday, February 5, 2011

World Nutella Day - A Social Media Movement Created By Italian American Bloggers

Nutella, who doesn't love it!? It's the peanut butter of every Italian/ Italian American kid. I grew up on it, just a staple in our Italian household. I remember bringing back jars of it from Italy every time we visited my family in Reggio Calabria. Recently, Nutella has now become a household name and a very common item you can actually buy in the store. Have you seen the commercials too? I mean --its everywhere.

In 2007 Sara Rosso, an American blogger living in Italy, decided she wanted to really appreciate Nutella, so she created World Nutella Day. Soon after she recruited Shelley from At Home in Rome and Michelle Fabio from Bleeding Espresso. Their love for Nutella created a world wind of love across the world for Nutella. A product that only an Italian kid would be familiar with has now become a world wide social media movement thanks to these Nutella appreciating women. Sara, Shelley and Michelle are all expats living in different parts of Italy, which gives them each interesting perspectives on the different ways you can eat Nutella. Their personal stories are interesting as well. (Shelley no longer lives in Italy)

Along with this social media movement, they've created a website where you can talk, find recipes, share thoughts on Nutella and really just create a community of common love for Nutella. I applaud you ladies, I remember being on Twitter and Facebook in 2007 and just seeing the conversations about this newly launched love for Nutella.

For more information on this fantastic homage to Nutella, please visit their site. Auguri Ladies!

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