Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Honest About Being Italian American

Its all or nothing with me at times.. you might get a few posts in one week or none in two weeks. This Italian American Girl must be honest to the readers, I don't like to make things up or come up with a phony editorial calendar for the Italian American Girl site, I post when I've experienced something or think you the audience could benefit from certain cultural events or topics that you haven't heard about ten thousand other times.

I think its important for you guys to know that yes, I may not be banging out posts on a daily but I will guarantee you that I am genuine about my blog and not looking to be at every event in the tristate area or collect as many Facebook fans as possible. At times I hold back what I really want to say, because it may not be politically correct.

A lot of how I feel and my genuine character come from once again my upbringing, my parents brought me up to be me and no one else, don't follow what the kid next door is doing just be you. If it means sticking out like a sore thumb then so be it. Cultural individual-ness is what makes a person. I talked about different degrees of Italian American in another post a few months back and I feel even stronger about it now. Everyone has their own degree of Italian American, some are first generation like me, where sometimes I don't always understand the actions of other Italian Americans. (But, that's OK) The point I'm trying to make here is we're all trying to remain connected to who we are and sometimes that occurs on different levels some good, some bad and some very phony. Its up to you to decide how you want to educate or remain connected to your cultural heritage.

It's like school, when the teacher or professor tells you to always use a credible source.


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Elizabeth Condelli said...

Hi Margaret,
Very nicely said. Sometimes we write a blog entry because we must, but I agree with you, we must be genuine. Thanks for your genuine contribution to the Italian American community.

Margaret said...

Ciao Elizabeth,

Thank you for your comment and your support.


vakantiehuizen moraira said...

Hi Margaret,
I totally agree with you and thanks for sharing your views with us..I never like those guys who just write to increase the posts and I also like one thing more about you that you care for readers..And I am looking forward for your more interesting posts in future when you had some real experience,Right?