Thursday, November 5, 2009

Italian Americans & Baseball--Celebrating With the World Series Champions.

I will start this by saying I'm not exactly the best fan or follower of baseball or any other major sport. I know the basics of baseball, certain players, the fact that the Yankees and Phillies were in the World Series this week, but other than that..I am not the the expert. I am sure many of my close friends would laugh and do laugh when I mention sports because they know my lesser of knowledge in the game. As I watched the series this week, I noticed how much history and pride is in the sports industry. I didn't really tell anyone, but I have to say, I really enjoyed it and it became almost addicting toward the end to watch.

As I started looking up names, stats and teams..I realized so many baseball players are, and were Italian American and including on the infamous Yankees. The relationship between Italian Americans and baseball goes all the way back to the days with famous players such as Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and many other greats. It was just amazing to me-- how Italian Americans dominated the sport for many years with such amazing contributions to the history of baseball. I wanted to include this to our Italian American site as an important part of history as Italian Americans in sports. I salute all our of Italian American players past and present.

Here are a few great links @ Italian Americans & Baseball:

A great book: "Reaching For The Stars: A celebration of Italian-Americans in major league baseball" edited by Larry Freundlich.--

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