Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Italian Snack..Biscotti Con Pomodoro

Ok, how lucky am I that my mother made biscotto with pomodoro, peppers and basil..topped with oregano and olive oil from Italy. If you've never had this before basically its "Biscotto di Grano," which is hardened bread usually of a wheat/grain consistency. The bread is used in all types of salads, breadcrumbs and even dunked in morning latte. (which my father does) The bread is hardened but in this case to add into a pomodoro insalata we usually wet the bread with water so it absorbs the oil and seasonings and then gets soft enough with enough crunch to dip into the salad. Honestly, if you've never had this ..its a must. For me, I've grown up eating it a lot..and now that its almost the end of October my father had a few remaining tomatoes left from his garden. ( oh yes...the man is a genius) and my mother added peppers that were the last to grow from the garden as well into the salad. I don't know why this particular biscotto con pomodoro was especially good tonight, maybe because it was made with the last of the vegetables. By the way, the bread my mother brought back from Italy we had all of our ingredients ready to roll. Thanks Ma for making it!

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