Monday, August 17, 2009

New Jersey Soon To Increase Exports With Italy.

Due to an executive order passed a year ago by Governor Jon Corzine, trade was increased within the state, which led to successful ties in exporting between New Jersey and Italy. Due to the increased trade,the N.J./Italy Trade Council was formed. The council is currently working to create an online directory and information hub for businesses to increase their trade and export to Italy. Trade council members are hoping for further success in export trading with Italy. The results could provide culturally funded programs, which would be available to the Italian American community. Well, this sounds good, I look forward to seeing the increased relationship and results. Reminds me of that old commercial from when Gov. Thomas Kean was in office, he would always say, "NJ & You Perfect Together." Now, we can add, NJ, Italy & You..Perfect Together.

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