Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Italian American Cooking--The Finished Product: Fritelle, Zucchini Blossoms

You've seen the latest video on my father's Italian garden and the zucchini blossoms in full. Now starts the season of endless nights of frying up fritelle, which no one can refuse. Literally.

Not because she's my mother but my mother can make the best fritelle this side of the Atlantic, cause my Aunt's and cousins in Italy are supreme chefs when its comes to Italian cooking.

Here's a glimpse of tonight's fritelle.


Anonymous said...

Thats frittellE, not frittellI. you're more american than italian i guess :)

sing frittellA
plur frittellE

just like many italian words.

i wish i could speak english like you do anyway ^^. i just love USA.

Italian American Girl said...

Thank you so much pointing that out, my Italian is not always perfect either! :) I changed it, I love learning from all of my Italian friends out there!!! Thank You!

Jason M. said...

So, these are only the orange flowers on the end of the zucchini? I grow zucchini every year and the blossoms usually are quick to wilt and fall off. Do you have to get them quick? Looking at this yummy pic, is that all that is? The flower, deep-friedn or something? Must know more... must try! Thanks.